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A while back, I felt overcome by the negativity. The news screamed that a pandemic crouched outside my door, threatening my life if I opened it. Riots surged across the country leaving broken glass, boarded up windows, and fists hovering in the air. Passionate citizens mobbed police and city buildings, burning down businesses of innocent people, regardless of race. Social media accused me of being narrow minded if I had an opinion, any opinion whatsoever. I shut it down and flicked on the sports channel. A pitcher threw a dangerous fastball at the helmet of the opposing team. While the batter ducked, his teammates rushed the field.

I couldn't take it.

I pulled up a Google search for positive news stories or "good news." I scanned the list of potential sites and thought "" sounded like a good fit. I clicked on it.

There, on the front page, a banner announced that the website was down. Optimism was shut down! "Wow," I thought. "You're not kidding."

I decided I had two options:

  1. Wait for the Optimists to drink their caffeine and get their page up and running.

  2. Do it myself.

Now, truth be told, optimism (and patience, by the way), generally are not my knee-jerk reactions. I'm trying to practice these skills so that, one day, they might become a little more natural to me.

Please don't think I'm a Pollyanna for 2020. I cringe when I think of it. When I was little, we watched the Disney film starring Hayley Mills. It inspired my mom to create "The Glad Game" discipline method. Whenever I fought with my siblings, my mom perched us facing each other on bar stools. We fired off reasons we were "glad," one after another. When we were finally able to say, "I'm glad I have a sister," even through clenched teeth, the punishment ended.

NO, I'm not Pollyanna.

I'm just Chani. A regular baseball mom. An average scoop of vanilla. You've passed me a hundred times. I don't stand out.

But maybe there is something different about me: I refuse to believe that there is nothing good going on right now. In fact, I'd be bold enough to shout that miracles peek from behind every disastrous corner. Even now. Even here. Right in front of us.

When pressed, I bet you'd say the same.

I plan to share the things that made me smile each day.

Times I feel loved.

Things that strengthened my confidence in humanity.

You know, the gushy stuff...

All my best!


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